Saturday, September 18, 2010

what is with these smells?

I don't know if its just my place or this city in general but there is another mystery smell. This time I have identified the source of the smell but not the culprit behind said noxious fumes. This is ridiculous and and frustrating.

A sickly sweet yet pungent rotten flower smell keeps wafting out of the AC for the first five mins when ever I turn it on. 

At first I thought some cat died on the roof or something but it was pointed out to me that rotten flesh just doesn't smell like that. And believe you me I have smelled some putrid carcasses. 

although dad says he's never smelled anything like the dead cow pit on some relative's farm. Except that one dude in the locker room of the YMCA. His words were "It hits you like a wall." 

My situation I believe to be a tad different in that its not so much a wall but a gentle wafting through every corner of the living room. No escape, no febreezing it away, no turning on a fan. Just in the air, every breath you take. 

I made the mistake of burying my head in a pillow from the couch. I don't know about your pillows but I probably should wash mind more often. besides being where I balance my food I can only imagine the dust, skin, hair, sweat, blood and tears those pillows have soaked up. Nasty!

Yes, that was what I was wearing today. Plaid shorts. And yes my couch really is red and cream and freshly febreezed. 

And yes, Febreeze is now a verb.

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