Sunday, September 12, 2010

am i not particularly awesome?

I feel the need to clarify: A friend to whom I sent a link to this blog emailed and basically said 'I love it!' And then emailed back to qualify that statement with a 'I didn't like your post, but I like the fact that you are blogging.'  why?

I don't understand why someone would tell you they don't like what you write? I understand constructive criticism, I don't understand someone making a point to tell me that I'm not awesome and what I have to say is of no particular interest and they could care less that I'm taking the time to share what I feel in a personal and hopefully delightful way that I'm sure anyone who misses me might like to ponder over.

I might have lost a substantial amount of vocabulary, or big pretty words, in the time I've lived abroad and altered my speech to suit the needs of elementary level students with kindergarten level English. But I still have the occasional thought in my head that I wish I had the luxury of native speakers around to share with.

This is as close as I get.

It's like after I have a talk with you, a piquant little conversation in a coffee shop and we say our goodbyes and take out our car keys and throw the Starbucks cups in the recycling because there are no more trash cans. After all that, I turn around and say, "Well, you're alright to talk to, not the best, actually I didn't enjoy it, but its cool, see you later. "  Now wouldn't you just think, in the back of your mind...what'd i do to deserve that extra little bit of 'you're not cool-ness' ? I wonder?


  1. Hey there isn't an "mildly retarded, yet interesting" option to choose from :)


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