Sunday, September 19, 2010

toys and torture of my youth pt 1

OMG I found my tea set. So mine didn't have blue flowers, just pink roses but other than that its mine! 

 I used to put on tea parties for the hamsters and then gave up on that and just put the hamster in the teacups.

This also reminds me of more hamster antics...I'm sure my parents figured it was a good lesson in taking care of our things, life and death, and compassion to all living things. 

We just wanted to make a hamster circus

My sister had some pretty great ideas too. I can't think of them at the moment but I'll be sure to ask her. I'm sure any statute of limitations has run out long ago and nothing will be self incriminating.

I'm inspired to find more toys from childhood that are probably still in the basement. Which I have decided to include in another post because I'm having way too much fun down memory lane!

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