Sunday, November 27, 2011

just a few moleskine thoughts, and i've been reading a lot

my photoshop isn't working so no pictures :(

but in other news:

in case you hadn't noticed i was like 20 books behind on my reading goal for the year. I haven't killed zombies, drank wine, watched House or even opened this blog because I was all up in my Kindle getting it done. I think I can make it, given that I have to read 20 more books before the end of Dec, and that I have a whole list of 100 page books I can choose from.
Congrats to me!

And for everyone else, here are some random smatterings from my little observations otherwise known as 'things that either pissed me off or were interesting enough that I took the time to write down while taking the mrt back home'

2/28- Fat lady smelled like ham and cheese<-- i was probably pretty happy about that one
       - people walked in front of an ambulance in front of the hospital, woman gave me a look for waiting<--the crosswalk in in front of the emergency room entrance, I wait until the ambulance pulls in before crossing and the person behind me has to walk around me, turn around, give me a look and just so happened to be in the middle of the road with an ambulance trying to get into the hospital. 

5/5/11- Don't try and open eyes while still wearing sleep mask, esp one with towel like lining<-- that must not have felt too good.

2/25- Confession: I don't like little kids singing


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