Wednesday, November 21, 2012

my lousy high school day

I wasn't going to write about this, because it's pretty humiliating and some people will not want to hear about the very slim chance there was a teeny tiny scratch on the car...but anyways...

so today is the day before thanksgiving, what was supposed to be an awesome day. Just get through the work day and four day weekend. Yesterday was a lovely catered Thanksgiving lunch by the company, of which I took home the most food.

So then here's how my day starts...

I forget to put on deodorant, well it still could be ok because hopefully I won't sweat that much.

And then it just gets better.

So what could be more high school than high school than getting a zit and forgetting to put on deodorant?

How about backing up into a curb in the parking lot on my way home?

And then when the car hits the curb, I put it into drive which was actually Neutral  which of course means that the car is not going anywhere, so then I think I've put it straight up on the curb and it's not moving and how the hell do you get a car off a curb if its not moving?

well luckily I finally figure out what an idiot I was being and put it into drive, and drove home without much incident and poured myself a nice tall glass of wine and then a margarita to top it off.
Because I'm certainly not in freaking high school anymore (despite having all kinds of dreams about that constantly) and I'm an adult dammit. Bad days will happen I guess. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

Unless my face totally breaks out, I run out of deodorant, I crash the car into my own mailbox all before leaving to have dinner with my fiancee's family.


Happy Freaking Thanksgiving.


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