Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

its christmas, so what?

The weather is barely cold enough to warrant a jacket let alone a sweatshirt.

My students are asking me the meaning behind my zombie murder implicating t shirt. I didn't mean to take off my sweater, it was just so hot in the classroom, I forgot my t shirt had blood and zombie guts on it. It's not a winterwonderland so its not christams.

although it is the season for 'writing tipsy emails and updates that sound oh so great when i write them but regretably crap when i read them the day after' so I guess that's as Christmas as its going to get.

on that note, I'm going to talk about my toilet.

I have found this absolutely divine toilet smell good thingy that I want to take with me every where I go and apply as needed.

Jelly star squeezed out of of plastic 'decorate cakes' type of thing and applied with the utmost of care onto the bowl of my toilet equals holiday joy for me.
That mysterious brown nub sneaking out under the rim of my toilet is an unidentified hanging object that has been tentatively dubbed 'petrified lizard skin' by Chi when asked "what the hell is that thing?"

geckos have been known to zip in and out of my apartment and leave tails and toes behind after capture and release out of the window (which is five stories up ...RIP geckos)

so lizard skin isn't out of the question although more likely is some scummy foamy thing that was in the toilet when it was installed and never bothered to be removed thus relieving me of all blame and to my credit discovering said nastiness and making somewhat art out of it.

you are reading this after all. Thats makes it art and not toilet scum.

Oh, I just can't help myself, I'll probably regret it later, but...

Happy holidays to all and to all a good refreshing after flush scent.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I think i'll do this...

30 Photo Challenge

This totally isn't my idea, but I do this all the time. I send random people on photo scavenger hunts back in Seattle (lovely place to take pictures). I think it'll add to my 'uninteresting things' theme. 

Who wants to see the inside of my fridge or a knick knack? *hand flies up* I totally do! 

So much to the chagrin delight of my family and friends, more boring pictures to come! 

5. favorite shoes

27. something I decorated

the weirdest things i've seen today

hahaha, I totally just realized that my messed up teeth dude in the dentists' chair could totally be Mr. Garrison 

walking by the dentists office I saw an x-ray up on a screen near one of the chairs. There were more than 7 fake teeth screwed into this person's mouth. seriously...

I saw a monk, Buddhist monk, the one that usually chants outside of the station for donations, having a wee outside of the ramp to the parking lot for the hospital. I didn't know what he was doing facing the ramp, and still chanting. Then I saw the stream. Then again this guy buys lotto tickets while flicking his cigarette ash around.

i don't get it...

I troll through other blogs just to see what other people write about, find something funnier than anything I could come up with, or something so lame it makes me feel better about myself. I just don't know what this is? It certainly doesn't make me feel better about myself, laugh out loud or inspire me to be better.

any ideas?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

parents day? don't need no stinkin parents day

parents day for one of my classes consisted of me trying to teach, and some random moms saunter in late and proceed to chat it up in Chinese through the whole lesson.

I prep, I make some game that i can't stand playing, play nice and pretend to like the kids that I actually don't. And they can't stop talking.



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