Wednesday, August 24, 2011

too sunburned to write, even my brain feels fried

But now i'm finally peeling. I've been to the beach more often in the past two weeks than I have in two years. Who knew it was just a 2 hour train ride away? Awesome.

But now there's sand everywhere in my room and and how the hell do you get sound out of the lining of your bikini? I've given up on that one.

And it's been two months since I did something to my hair. I'm trying to think of something subversive enough to not have to do all the marketing talking to parents open house type stuff yet not too crazy to have parents calling and complaining (which they freaking do, we should stop giving them the corporate office number).

I'll think of something.

Did you know they made an Anaconda 4?  in 2009? Why do people still watch that crap? There are equally crappy movies that have nothing to do with snakes that they could be watching. Like giant alligator/crocodile  matchups with the late David Carridine pretending to be sober enough to act.:

Dinocroc vs. Supergator

but seriously, don't see that movie. Instead send me an email and tell me what to write about. When I was sure I was coming home in Dec all I could think about was stuff from back home. Now that it's not happening I'm back in Taipei comatose mode. Now I all I think about is the next three day weekend and playing Fallout 3 again with bad karma this time.

Would you believe my English is getting worse? I catch myself talking like my students do and it takes me a minute to figure out what I was trying to say before it came out all chinglish. Even Chi doesn't talk about anything other than work now.

And I'm 13 books behind on my reading goal for 2011. I'm just not enthralled with anything I'm reading right now. Although I'm liking this prison break book Papillon which I borrowed and swear I will return it eventually.


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