Monday, September 13, 2010

talented nose pickers

teaching 4th graders, I kinda forgot how nasty the kindergarten graduates are. Something about first grade that brings out the phlegm non stop. There are some pretty talented nose pickers, wedgie pullers and less talented nose blowers and napkin users.

A few of my favorites
The double whammy:  This talented young man gets twice as much done in half the time. Talk about efficient! Fingers still nimble and small enough to get those hard to reach places.

The Hungry Man: sometimes lunch just doesn't come fast enough. Or a tissue isn't within reach. A quick, fast solution...or a tasty snack. In these situations I always offer dessert and ask for any volunteers who want to contribute to the 'feed Timmy' fund with generous donations from their own...collection. This also isn't reserved just for kindergarten kiddies, I've caught my junior high students sneaking a snack as well. 

Old Man Snot Rocket: This is reserved for old guys, walking down the street, who blow snot rockets into the street, planters, grates, open space that happens to be next to them. You'll have to use your imagination for that one, its kinda disgusting.

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