Friday, September 24, 2010

fall is finally pretending to be here!

Right when I decide to pack up all my fuzziest socks and raddest scarves there is a slight chill through the city air. Although it is quickly overtaken by smoke from everyone bbq-ing outside or lighting firecrackers or smoking, there is still noticeable temperature drop.

I'm still leaving all my fuzzy warm things in the luggage because I feel more accomplished with full looking luggage but I'm cotimplating how much winter clothes shoppnig is in order for the trip back home.

I've grown accustomed to tropical climates, by chill in the air I meant it was 75 degrees and windy instead of 98 and sunny, humid, feels like a wet towel wrapped around you face kind of weather.

I'm somewhat scared to come home and see autumn colors, dead grass, and real, live, not made from a snow cone machine snow. Perhaps its a little early in the Northwest to worry about such things but I'm dead serious. I'm scared of the snow. I hate being cold, I'd rather lay (lie?) sweltering in some desert or parked car with no AC dripping sweat down every crack, crevice, crevasse, and corner I have. I'd rather do all that than be cold.

I can't imagine what I did the electric bill those long Janurary nights back at home with my ancient very well used hardly washed electric blanket.

I mean, are you even supposed to wash those things? There's wires and outlets and sensitive heat conducting material in all that fuzziness. That seems like the kinds of things you keep out of water and detergent.

I looked it up on good old


noun \ˈkre-vəs\
: a narrow opening resulting from a split or crack (as in a cliff) : fissure


noun \kri-ˈvas\
: a breach in a levee
: a deep crevice or fissure (as in a glacier or the earth)

Rhymes with CREVASSE

admass, air mass, alas, Alsace, amass, art glass, avgas, badass, bagasse, beach grass, bear grass, bent grass, black bass, Black Mass,

Hahaha, I had no idea crevasse rhymed with badass. Or art glass for that matter.

While I'm on the subject:


vi \ˈlī\
lay\ˈlā\lain\ˈlān\ly·ing\ˈlī-iŋ\a : to be or to stay at rest in a horizontal position : be prostrate : rest, recline <lie motionless> <lie asleep> b : to assume a horizontal position —often used with down c archaic : to reside temporarily : stay for the night : lodge


verb \ˈlā\
transitive verb
: to beat or strike down with force
a : to put or set down <lay your books on the table> b : to place for rest or sleep; especially : bury
: to bring forth and deposit (an egg) 
There were many more. I guess I lie in the desert, unless someone laid me there. 

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