Thursday, September 23, 2010

toys and torture of my youth pt 2-i like this one

I'm inspired to find more toys from childhood that are probably still in the basement.

  Like this gem, the Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy house. Only the house that we had came from garage sale and didn't have all the pieces. I do remember popping off the window frames and the door. And for some strange reason the mailbox was full of what smelled and looked (maybe tasted but I admit nothing) like cherry chapstick.
Which was neither my nor my sister's doing. We never know how it got there. But it was there.


We totally had these kitchen pieces too. I really can't remember what we used to put inside the little oven and cupboard. But I'm sure it was something that was most definitely not supposed to be in there.

And that tangentially brings me to another childhood memory that involves strawberry jam, a dirt devil, a tiny yellow plastic chair, a jump rope made of real rope, and one little brother with a fear of vacuums.

It went a little something like this...

I wonder if he still remember this? I wonder if my memory is accurate? Was he really wearing little blue feetie pj's? Probably. I do remember the next part though. Which involves strawberry jam, a dirt devil, a little brother afraid of vacuums screaming bloody murder in the name of all that is holy mom come save me, my hair, and an unselfish act of redemption. Observe:

That would be the pink 24pt voice of mom calling down the stairs hoping the noise stops before she would have to descend down and dole out justice.

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