Friday, September 3, 2010

rain rain, go away...wait no, come back...its too hot

This will start as a climate issue, and then digress into my sweatiness, you are have been warned.

Living in tropical climates really tests ones ability to withstand minor irritants that grow into giant sticky itchy sweaty rashy soggy major irritants. Observe my 'stinky shoes' for example.

I have a pair of beloved and cherished sandals that have been in the Pacific ocean, various lakes and city streets and have probably retained a bit of each environment in the form of odor displacing microbes.
I have only to wear them and remember rainy typhoon days that swept bits of the street dirt into the lining and i'm still knocking out grains of sand from the last beach six months ago.

Every summer my shoes make their debut to the chagrin of those in close proximity to my feet. These shoes have molded to every curve and crack of my soles so perfectly that it would be a tragedy and a lot of hard foot stomping work to start again with a new pair. I'm too lazy to even break in new shoes and prefer the ease of spraying febreeze and calling it good. Now these shoes have followed me to the humid habitat of Taipei and have taken on a whole new.... life.

I've found insects happily making babies in my shoes. eww

Minor to major irritant number two....t shirts. specifically white, gray, pink, yellow, or any other color that happens to change color where ever there is a collection of moisture on your body.

I'm under the impression that Asian people don't sweat, not like I do. That's why there is no deodorant here (I've found some men's deodorant but its only used in extreme emergencies of b.o.)

 I guess this climate has opened up new pores i never knew were connected to sweat glands.

Because I imagine sweat comes from some kind of gland like place floating under my  this

now that's tasty

but bank to my point, my students end up asking me if I just took  a shower, why is my shirt wet in the back, front, pretty much from the neck down. Like this

And yes, it drips just like that.

for the most part.

End of rant for now, I'm going to take a shower and cool off. And put my shoes outside.

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