Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taiwan wedding pictures phase 5

I call this part: Pick and Save

The choosing of the pictures! I'm pretty nervous to see what the photographer thought was my 'good side' and how all the 'chin down' worked. I also didn't get a chance to see what I looked like half the time so it'll be a surprise/disappointment.

Ok, so we choose our pictures!

So the lady showed us about 200 frames, it was pretty easy to get rid of half of those. Poses that he suggested that we both knew were stupid, ones where either one of us looked absurd/fat/sweaty/like we're about to sneeze.

So from 100 we went through about two more times and got it down to 40 that we pretty much liked. A few shots from each location, each dress change and one individual of each of us.

I had been told that this is the part where they try to sell you on extra pictures. Each extra picture costs from $800-$1500 NT. That's like $20-$40 US for each picture you want added into your album and photoshopped. LAME. Even for just the raw file, not put into the album or anything is $500 NT ($15).

I was pleasantly surprised that no one tried to sell to us, they just gave us the computer and let us chose, they told us to write down the number of the ones we wanted, and make any special requests as far as fixing some arm fat, tan lines, mole/freckle removal. It's going to be awesome.

maybe i won't look that awesome but something like that

So we decided we couldn't live out 30 pictures, so we paid for 4 extra pictures (and yes you have to pay right then for extras) hopefully they will be worth it. We shall see after the digital enhancement of our hot selves next week how we want the finished album to look and which picture we should chose for our giant poster sized picture.

And Chi made an excellent request, that next time when we go look at the final touched up pictures and pick up our CD with the images we can get the untouched frames on there too. This isn't a normal thing so if you want the files be sure to ask for them. I'm pretty sure you can only ask for the ones you're paying for though.

We see the newly touched up pictures on Sunday...

Oh more thing I wanted to say to the boss lady who helped me try on the dresses...

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