Monday, March 5, 2012

I was totally going to do something today...

I was almost so productive today:

I made an awesome list of things I needed to do.

I laid out my workout clothes from sports bra to shoes in preparation for hitting the gym...sometime later today...or in the future.

I updated iTunes (in preparation for putting new music on my ancient shuffle in preparation for jogging later today...or sometime in the future)

I even busted out the electronic dictionary and started looking up photo studios here in Taipei to get my engagement pictures done (it's pretty awesome I recommend this blog entry for an in depth look at what really goes on)

And then, what the hell...I have an hour and half before I have to go to work.

I've found three studios and some personal accounts from random online people about each one. Have to ask my soon to be other half what he wants out of these pictures. I have my clothes all ready for tomorrow when I totally will go to the gym for real this time. I'll have my music all ready too.

And now New Moon is on tv, so I have background nonsense while I type this out and think of illustrating it.


  1. Good one! Missed the graphics. Love you much, Dad

  2. Did you at least make your tuna sandwhich?

    1. that would be the only thing I did. I did it and did it well!

  3. Oh by the way that dress is totally you. It really fits the beach scene that you were going for :)

    --silly sister


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