Wednesday, February 22, 2012

fashion photography makes me happy

If Tyra Banks were interviewing me for America's Next Top Model and asked me who my three favorite photographers were, I'd so have an answer (not like most of the air heads that end up on that show)

1) David LaChapelle-
Nothing ever looks real, everything looks extraordinary. The settings are alien and everything is super saturated and storytelling. I want this dude to take my wedding photos.

Courtney Love shot by David LaChapelle
Pieta with Courtney Love

2) Mario Testino
I love what he does when he's back on his home continent, everything from Brazil Vogue to his portraits from Peru. There's joy, vibrance and life in his photos not to mention gorgeous men and women wearing clothes to die for. Fashion isn't about walking down a runway with 50 yards of tulle and vinyl but people actually wearing clothes.

3) nick knight: If the model is just standing still, then they're rocking some freaky McQueen getup and have three foot tall hair, blue skin or safety pins on their face. But hardly ever do I see a picture of his where there isn't some kind of movement going on. Nothing is static, there's always ruffles or hair or limbs flying all over the place, or caught in the act .

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