Friday, February 3, 2012

Vacation officially over

I have returned. Today. Although my flight got back in Wed. afternoon, it's taken until Saturday to truly finally return to almost normal. I say almost because for the first time in like six years I picked up a bucket ( small bucket shaped container) of prunes. And have been eating them instead of lunch for three days. 

They're certainly shaking things up, down, and a little side to side. Not in a good way. 

But other than that vacation has officially ended. I've cleaned the kitchen. 

One of my students has successfully online stalked me and found me on fb, reminding me to be careful what kind of vacation pictures I post. 


  1. There should be a rule as far as who should be allowed to not wear tops. But then again there are those that offer hope and happiness to others when they show how nasty, saggy, and deflated theirs are.
    --silly sister

    1. I think the rule should apply to mankini's as well. (I advise caution in googling that) I saw more dude butt cheeks than female.


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