Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vacation time brother!

ok, countdown to Thailand! Have I mentioned before that I love airports? Those hello kitty gates, the luggage, the noise the people and the bathrooms. The Narita airport has octopus burgers at McDonalds and toilets with a dozen buttons on them. Even the airport in Georgia has self wrapping toilets and the largest spiders I've ever seen crawling around the floor. 

I can't say I remember much about the last time I was in Thailand about the Phuket airport. I'll pay closer attention this time. I do remember a wide assortment of prostitution books and lady boy stories at the book store. 
I'll be on the lookout for ladyboys and cool toilets. 

And then it will be the beach. And it will be as perfect as I imagine it. It'll be just like this...

despite the weather supposed to be like this

whatever, I'll still be doing this...

happy chinese new year me!

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  1. I enjoyed that one! Thanks, love you much, dad


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