Monday, October 11, 2010

i did it

I made it. no customs line too long, no aisle too cramped, nothing could stop me from coming home. I listed my place of residence as USA (mistakenly) but if you asked me where home is, without pause or thought to what customs declaration actually considers where I reside it would be right here. Pacific time zone, rainy, drizzly, lovely moss covered WA. Only my allergies have started up, I can't breath out of my left nostril and my throat is killing me with all this dry cold air.

but my offical place of residence  did cause some confusion and what must have looked like I'm hiding some massive bomb in my pocket because the nice popo at customs asked me how long I'd been in Taiwan and that being there for three years counts as living there, and asked me what i did for a living, and when i was getting married....and all kinds of other questions that I stumbled over and started sweating and switching stories and then ended up telling him all about how boyfriend's parents came to Seattle from Taiwan...

I'm not joking, that's was actually one of the first things he asked, after asking who I was traveling with, how long we'd been together, and do I have any plans of tying the knot soon...

So after that mortifying line of questioning, he got down to how long I'm planning on staying, do i have any food and how much cash I'm carrying. 

Coming from a country where cash is the local currency...and credit is almost non existent (I get paid in cash, most places only take cash, and there are just now starting to be things like debit cards) I had a whole $2000 on me. Only thats about $30 US. So when I told him I had two grand, he was doing the math in his head and coming out with insane sums of money. I corrected him and explained it was Taiwan money not US, almost had to take out the wallet and show him from the look he gave me. Do I really look like I travel around with thousands of dollars in cash on me? 

but now I'm home.

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