Sunday, October 3, 2010

things i'd rather be doing than packing

1. I'd much rather be playing the newest bestest update expansion pack to the latest video games that I'm currently just about sick of playing.

2. I'd rather eat the leftover from the fridge (which will have to be thrown out anyways, be it today, or three weeks from now after I get back from vacation).

3. I'd rather be making helpful to do lists, creating a crafty plan of attack on my sock drawer and other trouble packing areas.

4 I would really really rather find some projectile object to launch at the neighborhood alley cats who's have started their screaming matches all hours of the night. The acoustics in that alley are amazing, I'm five flights up and they still sound crisp and agonizing.

5. I'd rather be getting a massage from the Thai massage place down the street. My neck hurts from sticking it out the window and screaming back at local cats to shut up.

I'd rather be making funny terrible photoshop pictures for this but I'm packing now.

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