Tuesday, March 27, 2012

something on the roof,or outside somewhere

I'm sitting here being not lazy just resting my aching feet and muscles because I so have totally been going to the gym. And then. There's this noise that sounds like a thump. Or a bump. Or the sound when you drop something squishy on the outside and hard on the inside (like a hamster) on some kind of hollow surface.

My first thought is to look around and see that I didn't knock anything over with my telekinetic powers that as of yet have to show them selves but I practice everyday. (late bloomer) Why I thought this when the sound was distinctly from outside my general vicinity and on the roof I have no idea.

So then I thought of three things it could be.

1: a cat
2: someone's pigeon that has been released from kidnapping and is staggering back to its pen to eat for the first time in 12 hours.
3: the neighbors elderly mom. I hear she falls all the time. But they moved out awhile ago. So maybe they left her here?
Now it sounds like more stuff falling, a whole pile of stuff.

Oh, I think new neighbors are moving in.


  1. Funny! Loved it, Thanks, Dad

  2. From your drawing you either have a neighbor who is a crazy psycho, or someone who has a very bad case of pink eye. Perhaps giving them some topical cream might be a neighborly thing to break the ice.

    have you thought of getting a yoga ball for your exercises? It is joyful, fun, and offers a little bit of a workout.
    --silly sister

    1. I'm afraid Jim Halpert would come by and stab a yoga ball with scissors thereby ending any joy or exercise.

      And if your neighbor was The Eye of Sauron would cream really be the way to go?

    2. what happens if i reply to my own comment?

  3. Perhaps that was why sauran had issues. Can you imagine having dry red eye All day? I am sure he was wishing Ben Stein would come along with some clear eyes. It has the ingredients to moisturize...oh if you want to have a great laught look up "how it should have ended" for LOTR


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