Thursday, March 10, 2011

what housewives blog about

I'm amazed at how categorized blogger is. I get bored and insanely curious what other people blog about because I'm sure there has to be something other than complaining so I scroll through a few random blogs and I get 10 blogs in a row written by housewives with two kids who are 'living frugally' and collecting their own eggs from some back woods farm in Ohio, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Kansas and all those other places with chickens and eggs.

It seems besides blogging, these mommies are devout stamp/greeting card/scrapbooking experts and who's latest pictures of fringed and embossed samples come second only to the latest  video of their child's struggle to master the English language and the first day of school.

I've learned so much about the different state fairs, carnival rides, back to school shopping sales, eggs.

And not just chicken eggs. There are so many apps out there for the measuring of your egg (ladies)  during its journey into fetus-hood and the exact age to the second your child is. Gross.

Between noon and 3 here I get Malaysian blogs, and Christian missionaries and such things.

But just as my family and two other people who read this blog and want to know what happens in my day and how my eggs are doing and my current belly measurements, who am I to judge.

I guess way to go computer literate housewives who squeeze in time to sew and knit and emboss things and then sell them online.

My mom should do that. She could totally write about these things:

Here are just a few of the weird blogs i wonder why people bother writing inspirations I stumbled on:

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  1. I always enjoy your commentary! But, if you are serious about having spare time, does anyplace offer inexpensive training (read, 'free') in a skill that could be used here? Love you much, dad


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