Friday, March 11, 2011

its a viscious cycle

my purple haze of pollen

I generate so much trash, esp this time of year. Its a cycle, and it goes something like this:

step one: My old flowers die and loved them so much so I skip on over to the flower market and enjoy cheap orchids, yellow puff balls and lilies. 

step two: I set them up in the place most likely to be enjoyed by me, the tv room and my bedroom. They bloom, they smell great and I soak up all the uv rays from the special light I have for orchids.

step three: I soak up so much that pollen makes my sinuses go crazy. I think my record is nine sneezes in two mins.

step four: I suffer, in snotty misery for about a week. Enjoying my flowers all the time and my own box of tissue as my sidekick. A few boxes later I take anti histamines and of course those things are a pain to open. All those child proof foil sterile things that cause me such confusion. A few benedylls later I zone out for hours watching flowers wilt.

repeat steps one through four for a  few months.

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