Thursday, March 24, 2011

i'm sick of being sick

This will be the second time in two weeks I've lost my voice. It's like, you know in your dreams you can never run fast enough, its like that only this sucks in real life.

No amount of tea/honey/warm water is helping. Although I always wished this would happen when I had a big test in school or Spanish class or square dancing in PE class, it's quite a nuisance now that i get paid to talk.

How not being able to talk in pe would stop me from having to square dance or play flag football i don't know.
Now that I think about it I didn't play flag football anyways! Go me!


  1. Please feel better soonest! I really liked the graphic. Love you much, dad

  2. Your sinus problems may be a reaction to the anti-histamines you take. Have you tried stopping all medication for 3 - 14 days? Your grandfather had a problem with nose spray; He used it every day for years and years until, finally, he couldn't breath w/o the spray; especially when he was trying to sleep. Acupuncture helped him go cold turkey. Your grandmother believes acupuncture cured him. Hey! Acupuncture, taipei, free medical, ... I had a thought but I lost it. Love you much, dad


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