Thursday, November 4, 2010

uninteresting things part 1

For the members of the fam that didn't get the link the first time, or that want to see it again. These were the boring things I found around the place or things I'd been up to around a year ago.


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  1. ok, that might be even to uninteresting for me. Hope you are doing well. dad

    p.s., mom needs a graphic. I told her to treat every website and email as if it were someone knocking on the patio door at 3am. He's wearing a reaper's cloak and holding a huge bowie knife. Around his neck is a chain, and hanging from the chain is a large pink sheet of notebook paper, with flowers and unicorns, that says, "Hi, I am from your bank. We need to verify your personal info. Please give me your SSN."

    A graphic to that effect would be helpful. Just saying.

    Stay well.



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