Saturday, November 20, 2010

i've been so sick

i've been so sick the past two weeks its not even worth mentioning. Lets just say feverish dreams convinced me that i had already quit my job, made my way back home and was about to be fed some tomato soup (which i dislike terribly) and a ham sandwich (which i love more than anything) by my mom (whom I also am fond of) in the land of Oz.Yes, i can call Oz home and you can't do a thing about it.

Yes, before trying to fall asleep in a sweat soaked bed I've been trying to read the most boring yet pleasant things i can, I know from experience that fever + medicine = horrific dreams if not coaxed from the beginning to be all fluffly and peaceful.

Since i don't have my taped off tv care bears movies then the complete Frank L. Baum Oz collection would have to do. I hadn't realized how much awful, sweet, polite, politically incorrect, repetitive and wonderful books were written about my least favorite heroine Dorthy. I seriously can't stand that chick, she just sits around passing judgment, calling people stupid, and once tossed some water on a witch. She never bothered to bring back anything that would help her aunt and uncle, wasted wishes on getting halfway to where they were actually trying to go instead of curing world hunger, and never got bestowed with a donkey head or disemboweled or anything that happened to everyone around her.

But I did get to dream about ham sandwiches and Oz and everything was green but not from mildew as it often is here.

I'd rather try something else but safe boring and polite dream inducing books I can't think of at the moment. Any suggestions?

I made the mistake of listening to The Heart of Darkness podcast to sleep last night read by some guy with a voice like Johnny Cash after five cigars and a quart of milk. Luckily my fever was gone and the worst I came up with was drowning in ink in the middle of some African desert. Mr. Conrad isn't very politically correct either.

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  1. The very worst fever dreams are when you spend hours solving ridiculous problems; like how to get your spaceship thru a planetary blockade. Then you kink-of wake up and realize you don't have a spaceship, thank goodness, because they are expensive to own. Then you lay back and start on the "how can I pay for my spaceship" problem. Hope this finds you feeling better, dad


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