Thursday, November 11, 2010

things I haven’t done…

things i haven't done in more than 6 months: 
  • been to the hot springs
  • cleaned my bathroom (eewww)
  • bought a plant (I buy them all the time since I have a black thumb and kill everything I touch)
  • taken a vitamin (fiber doesn’t count)

things I haven’t done in 1 month:
  • painted my nails (my sister did that for me)
  • finished reading a paper book (hooray kindle!)
  • killed a mosquito with my electric racket
  • worn earrings in all my piercings (there aren’t that many…)

things I haven’t done in the past 2 days
  • taken a shower (eewwww)
  • brushed my hair
  • worn shoes (that’s right I wear flip flops to work)
To do: 


    1. Flipflops + work = Awesome to the nth power.

    2. HAHA ^ that's the spam, eh?

      Anyway, I love the real plant in the drawings eehehee
      So Robot Chicken-esque



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