Saturday, November 13, 2010

I got spam!

Not long ago I made what I thought was a simple comment on another blog, not something I do often figured what the hell. After that I got what I thought were a few comments from someone other than my dad. I was so stoked, people taking the time out of their days to not only make my day but enrich my whole blogging experience. 

I see a comment in terrible English and pass no judgment. I teach children bad English all the time. But at least they don’t speak good. Who am I to disparage a friendly comment about my good writing and great article...whatever. 

I make the mistake of clicking a name and get whisked away to a great site where all my Louis Vuitton needs can be met and I get half off great sandals. 

At first I was elated that someone likes to read random blogs from random people.

Then I was all, seriously people how lame can you get spamming a lowly blog that only one friend and mom check on a regular basis. What's the point?

Then I thought about it another way and totally got the warm fuzzies all over again. If my comment spawned another comment that demon birthed spam all over my blog, its like a vicious circle drawn by a spirograph that gets bigger and bigger and more entwined and means that at least someone out there cares enough to spam me. 

I’ve finally gotten past the little tiny circles on the inside and moved on to bigger and better ones where random bots and matrix agents are finding my blog and attempting to connect their fabulous fake gucci bags with my credit card number! 

Bring it on suckers! I can’t wait to see what prada fakers and chanel copy cats have to say about about my blog!


  1. cool graphics. Hope you get lots of comments, dad

  2. I read you daily. Write something! love you much, dad


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