Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Haiku Monday Winner

Holy crap that was awesome! I really hope I win again one of these days because getting haiku's all over me was certainly the highlight of my week! 
Thank you all for sharing a little about yourselves and getting creative all over the place. While I tried to comment on everyone's haiku either here or at your personal blogs let me say a little something about the haiku's that stood out to me:

Rafael-  I'm totally stealing your lines for my next trivia team name because they're awesome. Although I prefer my Margarita's blended I love the different ways you can read the last line of your third haiku. Go team 'quickly spent wad!'

grins- both of yours really made me smile, and then I thought about it, and then I smiled some more.

Karl- You really hit the spot with summer ale and for making me use my dictionary.

Fleurdeleo- I love how it starts the night after work on such a high note and ends probably at last call in a puddle of tears and red wine stains.

fishy- I could almost feel the aroma therapy foam up my nose. 

Taking in to account the advice and opinions of dad and my literary friend and my fiancee, I finally picked out the one haiku that I adore not only for the picture in my mind but for the carefully crafted assault of the senses, I can almost see/smell/hear your haiku come to life.

The person who sent me the most  money captured the hearts of myself and my team of haiku readers is becca! Thank you and congrats! Now your group can get back to normal and thanks to all who played!


  1. Yaaaay! Good choice! I had a tough time choosing between you two last week.

  2. Good Afternoon Deny,

    A fine choice! Becca's first makes you thirsty for a cabana bar and fun times. Her second, well it inspires an anger that's hard to describe. However, if left alone with the perpetrator, I could get my message across.

    Thank you for hosting and thank you for the honorable mention. Please play again.

  3. hey honey thank you so much for the honor but at this moment I am to sick to even hold my head up much less write or read. I have asked Rafa to take over my hosting duties and I know he will he is my knight and shining armor so thank you so much again.

  4. Well done. Congrats, Becca. Hope you feel better soon.

    Becca certainly knows how to give one helluva haiku and is most deserving of her first (of many) wins!!! HOORAY!!!

    ME...?!?!? I'm more a shovel'r of...well, ya' know...stinky stuff.

    Sorry, your all are stuck with my silly ass'd self for a WHOLE week. HaHa...sucks for y'all!!!

    Great job hosting DenyItAll, super glad I could amuuuuuuuuuse you...

    Be careful what you deny, Darl'n O Mine... If Adam hadn't taken that sweet bite of Eves forbidden fruit, where would we be now?!?!?

    SMILES, BLESSINGS & all sorts of warm fuzzies ringing 'round your rosie--


    P.S. I'll post a theme a bit later in the week, and add a thread here.

  6. Well, now, nice job of hosting and judging, Deny. Congrats to Becca - sorry ot hear you are ill. You did follow the theme most faithfully, unlike a few rogues, and made a perfect description for the occasion. Well done, reluctant one.

    Rafa, I ecpect you will keep it lively...


  7. Congrats, Becca! Yours was beautiful.

    Thanks for hosting, Deny! It's nerve-wracking (but fun, yes?)

    As for Rafa...well, so often I read something he's written and I think: "Surely that's NOT what he just wrote; he doesn't mean..."? And, of course...he does! xxoo to you Rafa

  8. All:

    Haiku Challenge has been posted

    Good Luck!!


    P.S. Fleur, I'm completely innocent...let me finish up the laundry, and I'll prove IT!! Oh, and as far as your hugs & kisses go...you do know where my lips have been; RIGHT?!?!? HaHa :D


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