Saturday, June 23, 2012

that was also horrifying

Today at CKS while at the awesome Dali exhibition I saw this old dude with really really long nose hairs. Coming out of his nose. He was just as tall as I, so I got an eyeful. Of nostril hair. White and gray nostril hair.  Nasty.

Oh, and Chi found an old spice bottle of parsley with bugs in it. Little beetle looking bugs crawling around and we almost ate some. I sprayed Raid inside for like 15 secs. It was satisfying but sickening at the same time.
I don't even want to draw a picture of an old dude with nose hair.

This has not been a great weekend. At least not for great wonderful things, but I suppose it's been good for horrible things. What a horrible weekend.


  1. Ewwww nose hair! Seriously guys can you not take 5min to take a weed wacker to those things? I mean ladies go to extreme lengths to get things waxed/shaven/lazerd even tender areas. And so what excuse is there? Thats a retorical because there is no excuse. no way can you look in the mirror and say, " dang!!! I look good." just a small pointer...if you can see it in the mirror everyone else can see it too.

    Jessica for your next blog mention the top things that women say "get away from me!!!" and include nose hair, crotch fat, bad no, and tight jeans

  2. It was supposed to say B.O. (body odor)

  3. It was supposed to say B.O. (body odor)


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