Thursday, June 21, 2012

it really works kinda

i really love Burt's bees herbal insect repellent. the biggest deterrent i have from spending hours at the park reading are the myriad of insect life that bite me. anything from horse fly's to these little tiny black dots that bite and look like grains of black pepper. Those suckers hurt! That's why I like Burt's Bee's. Almost.
the great thing is that its oily, like made from four different kinds of oil. So I end up looking like I'm slathering on tanning oil and get a nice shade darker if stay out there long enough.

I almost like its insect repelling powers except for that it only lasts for five mins and about 4 cm. I lie there watching five or ten flying blood sucking insects from hell ready to pounce as soon as the sting of rosemary and lemongrass oil dissipates.  I love summer.

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