Thursday, December 1, 2011

you wish you did it too

I guess at 2AM on 11/22 I had something on my mind that just couldn't wait so I wrote it down somewhere and found it today! hooray!

Sometimes I put on a show for the people I imagine have a telescope pointed at my window. Mostly it involves my leaving the shower naked to find a towel . But sometimes I'll treat the peeping toms to 'walking like an eygpytian' all over the place.
If  you have known me for years and you think I'm not the kind of person who does that sort of thing then I say to you, 'Hell no, I don't do that crap. Not in public, and certainly not for free. And I dare you to call me a liar!'

And when you do, then I'll say that you had better point your telescope at the heavenly bodies it was intended for.
PS Does it make it any weirder that it's my kitchen window? Because it probably should!

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