Monday, December 26, 2011

putty time

Every year I get silly putty for Christmas but instead of having an enormous mound of the stuff I seem to magically run out of it by December. Imagine that. 

Inspired by Christmas, a blog post, and cocktails here's the story of how silly putty all got started.

 GE scientist James Wright in an effort to invent a synthetic rubber came up with something pretty amazing. A non-Newtonian fluid that could bounce. Pretty soon he realized this was not the answer to rubber nor could anyone find a use for his pretty much useless invention. 

Fast forward to best cocktail party ever (excluding the bloggess dinner party which might in some alternate universe has already happened) 

Ad exec and amateur magician (not really) Peter Hodgson decides to run with it... and convinces toy shop owner Ruth Fallgatter to sell what will be known henceforth as the thing going to become Silly Putty. 

Following his gut Mr. Hodgson takes the logical next step, he buys more of the original and then makes millions of copies for his friends to buy on the cheap. 

In this case he hires chemists to derive the formula James Wright stumbled on, gets into manufacturing and distributing through his own company and starts peddling that putty!

Kids love, adults love it until kids get it on the carpet/ the dog eats it/their favorite section in the newspaper has been puttied so many times it's illegible.

and it looks like gum, and its a pain in the butt to get out of the carpet.

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