Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a little surprise today

nothing much had been happening lately. No dreams worth mentioning, no pedestrian fashion disasters to report, the students are just trying to get through lessons as painlessly as possible and survive their midterms. 

Although today was immensely more amusing than yesterday. Wednesdays can be painful and are the main source of my stress and parental complaints or they can be a hump day treat. 

Today the older class had little situations to act out pertinent to the unit and came up with some good stuff. From dragging another classmate to donate blood to a heart wrenching display of helping the elderly. The girl playing the old woman found a way to die after listening to the story that was read to her. 

So that was in the afternoon, in the evening were the smaller, younger class. These 2nd graders aren't too bad, there's only a few lost causes. Most of them are quiet smart. There are two kids who still piss themselves occasionally but it hasn't happened in awhile. I thought we were past it. 

Well, while the kids were standing around the back of the classroom waiting for my co teacher to check some of their work when I notice the students in the back are pointing to something on the floor. 

Mr. Pee pants is standing in the center of the general pointing and being confused circle so I walk to the back of the classroom and see what's up. 

And there on the floor are three little poo piles. A few crumbs and a nice glob are in front of the co teachers desk. The girls standing next to the culprit ask what is that. I swear I didn't know at first. Because this would be the first time I've sighted crap on the floor of classroom that wasn't swarming with kindergarten kids still getting the hang of potty training. 

So he just stands there while I send the rest of the class out and give them some candy so hopefully they'll have forgotten about it before they go home and tell their parents. 

A few other chinese staff members come up and help clean up. You'd think a school would have proper poop picking up equipment, not paper towels, a plastic bag and a spray bottle of alcohol.

The only dude co teacher who works at the branch tried to get Mr. Hankey as I shall now call him to admit it but that kid still just stood there in the middle of his own mess and didn't say anything. Didn't even cry or help clean up or say anything. 

The bell rang and the kids were back in their seats after the break and my co teacher informed me that she had actually seen Mr. Hankey drop a few, I had to run outside the classroom and ended up with a stitch in my side from laughing so hard. 

We decided to pretend the whole thing didn't happen and not tell the kids to not make fun of anyone who just happened to make a deposit on the floor. Although for the rest of the class I was reluctant to touch anything that came from the vicinity of Mr. Hankey's chair.

And then of course on the way out he left a few more drops in the hallway. This was totally better than yesterday when nothing really happened.


  1. You are totally making that up! Anyway, I still love you, Dad

  2. Having tutored little kids, and baby sat so I would totally believe it happened. I couldn't stop laughing when I read it. Sooo funny. Would you like to me to send you some pooper scoopers and Odor-be-gone? It helps puppies not go in the same placeaue it might work for kids as well. Anyways have fun


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