Sunday, September 25, 2011

my dreams

so i had this dream...
somehow my sister's room had been infiltrated by three octopi and some other fish like shrimpy things. The trick was to catch them in some kind of vase before stepping on them and crushing them, because squashed squid on your shoe is just about the worst thing that could ever happen.

That and somehow our family dog had been resurrected and instead of lethally hunting down the offending sea life I was more afraid of the little pug getting its face sucked off a la alien face hugger.

it was certainly odd. chasing a little red octopus around with a net used for goldfish while my sister wandered around trying to stop the dog from putting his little face into the corners while the green octopus hovered above him ready to pounce.

perhaps i'll draw a picture.

Or perhaps i'll let it congeal in the back of my mind and give up any attempts to render whatever is going on in my head into the real photoshopped world.

lucky for me someone at did it for me...
   +      =  my saturday night

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  1. Interesting dream I must say. Are we staying up and watching too many late night films?


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