Friday, August 17, 2012

gets on my nerves

An ode to all the places here with terrible service. At the moment I can only think of two. But those two will forever stand out in my mind and be the standard on which I judge all places that suck at service.

The Diner: wonderful bacon and decent burgers, if you're hungry for real American style eggs, toast, sausage, the little thing of jelly that's never enough...then the Diner is a perfect place to go. But only go if you're feeling hungry two hours from now. The wait isn't that long, Taiwanese people usually just sit around their finished food talking (and by talking I mean tweeting with the person across the table) for about two hours. So I guess the staff is used to just ignoring tables for hours on end. 
I guess it's a cultural thing but when I go to to a diner I would rather eat then play on my phone and have my food still hot when it's served to me. The staff there is adept at looking the other way when you try your best to look ready to order. I have found that they will respond to the taxi hail about half the time. That requires one of them to look in your direction as you're frantically waving. What you really need to do is snap your fingers, then at least they have no excuse because you're obviously trying to get attention by both sight and sound. Of course there is the dropping my empty water glass on the floor method which is the surest way to get someone to come over. At least they don't run out of food.

OnTap: A lovely British pub with towers of draft beer and football games on tv, this place has xbox kinect and a giant connect four to play with along with darts and jenga and alright food. I did get food poisoning after eating a Ceaser salad and drinking a lot of beer there one time but other than that...good burgers and nice music. But again, don't expect a drink anytime soon, best to arrive already double-fisting two beers from 7-11 while you wait for their staff to notice you (they even have a foreigner working there so you KNOW she's not afraid to practice her English). In fact it was that same employee who chased us outside and asked if we paid our bill. We totally cancelled our order before the drinks were poured, it was wasn't until we asked to cancel it did the bartender actually start to pour them and the waitress rushed to put the order in and print our tab. And then we got a reluctant ok to go from our waitress while miss too busy talking to her friends to take our order in the first place runs out after us. Of course I won't be going back there anytime soon, at least until I dye my hair another color and lose 30 lbs and reconstruct my nose. 

I understand why they don't tip here. 


  1. I am so obnoxious that my wife no longer goes to places with me because of my bad reaction to bad service or unfriendly servers. I believe in tipping heavily for good service. I hear they don't tip in several countries.
    I found nothing wrong with your haiku. Why did you think it was bad? I reposted it on the haiku article and put you in the running. If you win and don't want to host don't worry. I or someone else will for you.

  2. Pleas come to my blog and play Haiku with us again. Topic is hunger this week.


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