Wednesday, July 4, 2012

things i will not miss about taiwan

1. Lady purses on dudes. Not man purses, but seriously your mom's old purse on some 19 year old guy. If dudes are doing this back in the states...I'll still point and laugh just like I do here but only as long his purse isn't big enough to carry a gun.

2. Families in matching clothes. Like kindergarten kids, mom and dad wearing the same thing. If your clothes match your kids' If you can't recognize your wife and kid in a crowd so you have to look down at what you're wearing and then find them...I can't even finish that sentence.


  1. As far as the guy wearing a purse goes...there isn't much to say. I guess GAY is a universal concept.

    And as far as the family goes I am really not too sure about what to say. If you are going to dress up together at least pick something cool to wear. Thank goodness the wife didn't decide to wear a mini skirt and corset top.

  2. HA! Oh dear. I'm afraid I would laugh rather indiscreetly if I saw this in person.


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